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Strong Woman Back Muscles

Steps to book a workout session

Before we begin working out together, there are a few steps that you can complete to make the process to book as quick and easy as possible. I do ask that all my clients fill out a health history questionnaire so that I am informed of any physical limitations or injuries you may have as well as your fitness history.


I also ask that clients take the time to engage in a 30 minute interview with me over the phone, so that we can discuss your fitness goals, and decide if my workouts are best tailored to what you wish to achieve. If you are ready to get started as soon as possible, we can also have an extended first session that would include a conversation about what your fitness goals are instead of the interview.

Group workout class

Health History Questionnaire & Training Agreement

Before emailing me, please fill out the HHQ which will provide information about your fitness and health background.


Interview/First Session Conversation

The 30 minute interview will include a brief review of the health history questionnaire, a discussion of your fitness goals, as well as some time for us to get to know each other and will allow me to elaborate on any potential questions you may have. We can also discuss the workout plan I have in mind for you, or we can begin to build one together if you prefer. If you decide to skip the phone interview, the first session conversation will cover all of the same topics and will not cost you anything extra.



Once you have decided that you want to workout with me, the next step is to book either a single session or a 10 session pack. To do this just send me an email and specify which workout you want to book along with what days and times work best for you. Once I respond to confirm your booking, you will be all set to send a payment and your booking will be confirmed. You do not have to schedule all ten sessions in advance if you choose to get a 10 pack, just the first one and then we can sort out a schedule that works for you!

You will also need to fill out the training agreement,  confirming that you understand and agree to the prices of whichever package your are choosing. Once we have made contact and agreed on the time for the first session, I will sign the training agreement and send a copy to you.


 I do ask that you make the payment prior to our first session, or you may also bring cash or a check to the first session if you are not able to make electronic payments. I accept Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, cash, or check. 

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